My best friend Lauren Goin brought introduced me to yoga and Sumits, and I am forever grateful. It has been exactly one year since I started my yoga journey. As a long distance runner, yoga has helped me to grow in flexibility, improve my breathing, and of course helped me with injury prevention. Below are my top three favorite things about my yoga practice at Sumits:

1)   THE POSITIVITY AND ENERGY. Sumits is a happy place. I always feel so welcomed when I walk into the doors, and I leave reenergized and smiling from sharing space with such loving and compassionate people.

2)   CHALLENGE AND GROWTH. I come to Sumits to become a better person. Yoga has challenged me to become stronger, more patient, and more compassionate with others and myself.

3)   MY YOGA IS A PRAYER. My faith is the center of my life. I make my yoga practice a prayer; resting my mind, and moving through each pose with love and surrender, because I know I am so loved by God. I love yoga because it has deepened my faith.    

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Sumits Hot Yoga