Increase energy, flexibility, balance, strength & focus.

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"Allow yourself some time every day to stop doing and start being. In other words, allow yourself to be present and then switch off, idle, or just stop. The world will still be there, carrying on as it is, while you give yourself some 'me' time to slow down and feel gratitude for all that you have in your life."

just curious about hot yoga or still considering whether or not it's right for you? HERE is some general information to help guide you.


What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a series of specialized yoga poses performed in a heated room, which is usually maintained at a temperature of 100 to 105 degrees. As you can imagine, a vigorous session at this temperature promotes profuse sweating which rids the body of toxins. It also makes the body very warm, and therefore more flexible. Students of all ages who regularly practice yoga notice an increase in energy, strength, balance, flexibility and mental focus. The body is flushed of toxins, leaving a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.  Sumits yoga is everyday yoga for everybody. The teacher leads each class while each student individualizes their practice based on their day, body, goals, and intentions.


Why Hot Yoga?

Yoga is low impact and moves with your body’s natural range of motion. It is excellent for cardiac health. Unlike other forms of exercise that can eventually damage the body from overuse, with yoga, the more you practice the more you improve. Often times, hot yoga can be the bridge that helps you repair your body while still moving forward in your training.

You will lose body fat and increase your metabolism, as you get stronger. A regular yoga practice balances hormones that help you sleep deeply and wake-up renewed. Giving you more energy throughout the day. We come to our mats to take care of ourselves so that in turn we can better take care of those around us.

Increase your cell turnover for a radiant complexion. Decreased blood flow and oxygenation of tissue cause cell death, build-up of toxins, and premature aging. Yoga expands and contracts your body enabling light/heat to efficiently break through blocked energy. This incredible process softens your skin, decreasing the appearance of cellulite, and produces a radiant glow.

Create greater flexibility and make everyday activities more enjoyable. Muscles and joints stiffen from under use and/or jobs that require long hours of sitting or bending. This can compress and disfigure the spine, causing discomfort and muscles to conform to incorrect alignment. Hot Yoga increases blood flow to these hard to reach areas.

Improve your balance and posture. This becomes even more important as you age. Poor posture weakens your body, burdens your organs, and depletes your energy.


What is the Sumits Yoga Series?

Sumits Yoga was created by Sumit Banerjee based on his own years of experience practicing and teaching various yoga styles including Bikram and Vinyasa. The class integrates the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga and power flow yoga which is Ashtanga inspired. 

Sumits Yoga series classes are a creative and effective combination of static poses, vinyasa flow, upbeat music, and heat. The series is mindfully designed and proven to strengthen, heal, and rejuvenate. Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or you’re looking to supplement a regular yoga practice, Sumits truly offers something for everyone. The series stays the same each class, but no two practices are ever identical, the challenge is yours to create!

Sumit encourages all students – newcomers and experienced students alike – to begin and maintain a consistent practice regardless of the style preferred. Sumit says,

“You’ll benefit from class by your effort regardless of how far or deep you get. As long as you are feeling it and you are breathing calmly, you’re practicing correctly.”



Please arrive to class at least 10-15 minutes early to register & discuss health issues and or limitations with your instructor. We will show you where to put your personal items and answer any questions you may have.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink plenty of water throughout the day and bring a large bottle with you to class as well. Water is available for purchase at the studio. If you have time throw a bottle in the freezer, the heated room will heat your water as well.

Personal items are not permitted inside the yoga room, please only bring your mat, towel, water bottle, and positive attitude! If you do not have a yoga mat or towel you may rent them from us before class. We lock the yoga studio during class so your things will be safe.

Cell phones/pagers are not allowed inside the yoga room.

Please refrain from conversation inside the yoga room.

Remain inside the yoga room during class.  This allows your body to acclimate to the heat. When you feel overwhelmed, just lay down and work on catching and calming your breath.

Gum is not allowed inside the yoga room.

Please do not walk through the yoga room while a class is in session.

For best results we recommend not eating 2 hours before class and make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

During class, if you feel overwhelmed or your heart starts racing please rest in child’s pose or savasana at any point, please do not leave the studio room.

The first class is always the hardest, don’t wait too long before your next class, that’s how you build endurance.

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