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Sumits Yoga Columbia offers yoga classes for all levels that are both heated and non-heated. We also offer a full yoga retail boutique including apparel, mats, towels, as well as other yogi inspired products and accessories from the best brands in technical athletic apparel including lululemon, Manduka, Teeki, Beyond Yoga and many more! All of our yoga classes are practiced to music and led by instructors that all hold a minimum of 200 hour certification from The Yoga Alliance. You can feel confident that the instruction you receive will be safe and have you in correct alignment during each and every posture! Classes are Vinyasa Flow, Bikram and Ashtanga inspired. 


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Schedule & Updates

Our class schedule changes seasonally and around most holidays. We also add special classes, workshops and events regularly.

Click the link below to see the full class schedule and to sign up for classes.


Valentine's Day Weekend

Partner Yoga Workshop

with katie & Scott

friday, february 15, 6pm-8PM

$20 Per Person registration - partner required

Join Katie and her husband Scott for our annual Valentine’s Day partner yoga workshop. This class will be a mix of partner stretching, acro yoga basics, and some Thai massage. This workshop is open to all levels, no experience necessary. A partner is required. 

Strawberries and champagne and other Valentines goodies will be provided after the class. 

Both partners must sign up ahead of time. Space is limited, and this popular workshop typically sells out fast! Sign up now!


Kundalini Yoga With Ravi Singh: A Journey Through The Chakras

Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh has 45 yrs. teaching experience and (w/Ana Brett) is Author of 25

DVD’s and an amazing new book. Ravi’s approach is powerful, poetic,

motivating, majestic, and fun! He’s been called the “Teacher’s Teacher.”More

Info: raviana.com

Sunday, February 24th, 3pm-5pm

$35 per person registration

These are not your grandfather's chakras! Join celebrated Teacher Ravi Singh for a new, experiential take on this timeless model. The chakra system represents the complete spectrum of the human experience. In this inspiring workshop we'll climb the ladder of lights from the mundane to the miraculous! Learn where your blocks are and how to transform them.

We'll do Kundalini Yoga exercises and Meditations for each chakra to allow new energy to flow freely in our lives and for a tangible experience of Spirit. The new insights presented regarding this timeless model will enhance your yoga teaching and personal practice. Come join us and experience the best of both worlds: a comprehensive whole body workout as well as food for your soul.

75% physical / 25% meditative.



Advancing The Sumits Sequence

with Christa

Saturday, March 9th, 2:00pm-4:30pm

$20 Per Person registration

Our bodies are so amazing because as we place more demand on our tissues, they are stimulated to adapt and get stronger, making our whole body more resilient over time. Incrementally adding manageable challenges to our routine can effectively prevent long term yoga practitioners from injury and even encourage longevity/long-term health. For this reason, we benefit from adding variation to our practice.

Whether you’ve been coming to Sumits for years, or are just curious about adding some flare to your flow, this workshop will offer the opportunity for you to take it to the next level.

In the Advancing the Sumits Sequence workshop, Christa will walk you through where and how in the sequence you can add twists, binds, jumps, and active stretching to deepen your practice and strengthen the mind/body.

An understanding of the Sumits Sequence is highly recommended.


Yoga & Stress Reduction

with Christa & Dr. Phelps

sATURDAY, APRIL 13th, 2-3:30pm

$25 per person registration

Gain knowledge on how our bodies handle stress, how to adapt to our environment more quickly and how to ease into a yoga practice to help bring you back to center.

Join Dr. Arminta Phelps for a discussion about the science of stress and the breakdown of physical, chemical and emotional stressors. Get tips on how to be proactive with stress by learning to recognize these different stressors. Then get on your mat with Christa for a de-stressing flow.


Instructors & Staff

Our instructors and staff are the heart of our Sumits family. To learn more about each of their yoga journeys click the link below.

As long as you're breathing calmly, you're practicing correctly. 

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Student Spotlight


At Sumits we are one big family - staff, teachers and students. We are so proud of all our students and their growth through their individual yoga journeys.

We spotlight one student each month and share their journey in Student Spotlights.


Congrats to our FEBRUARY student of the month

Student of the Month:  Jeff

"My interest in yoga is based, in large part, in my search for a way to keep doing the things I enjoy doing and to repair some of the long-term wear and tear that I’ve caused my body over the years. Two decades of an active-duty Army career, much of which was spent jumping from planes (and landing..ouch) coupled with several marathons and countless hours in weight rooms (never ever stretching) had left me with what I’d come to believe was the “typical” aches and pains that come with age and a lifetime of doing crazy stuff.”

"My flexibility has dramatically improved, my balance is much better and, most of all, those aches and pains are essentially history! Yoga is part of my daily routine now and my only regret is not having started sooner! ."


To read the full student spotlight and past student spotlights click on the link below.


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