Join us in congratulating this month's student of the month, Radhia. Learn more about her yoga journey below!

I remember when the Sumit’s Hot Yoga studio first opened in Columbia. It was what everyone was talking about. I also remember thinking “100+ degrees in a room…no thanks” and then never thought about it again. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I was hearing discussions about it again amongst friends and getting really intrigued. I looked up the website and literally memorized the FAQs page because I was so nervous! It took me several months to work up the courage to walk in and take my first class- and as they say, the rest was history. Like many, many clients of Sumit’s, I left feeling so in love and humbled with the experience of hot yoga and have recommended it to everyone- and I mean everyone- that I come across.

I’m going to briefly talk about something that I get asked often and that I’m sure many are thinking. “How do you do hot yoga in a head scarf? Doesn’t it get too much?” And the answer is yes, and no. I’m pretty into fitness, so the notion of doing any sort of work out in my head scarf is far from difficult for me. But hot yoga is also completely different from any type of physical activity that I have ever done. I remember my first class, I wore the “wrong” head scarf; it kept getting in my face while I had to be bent over in a pose or it would slip off from the back and expose some of my neck & hair. I also wasn’t wearing the correct top- but that is beside the point. With time, I started getting into a groove and had pretty much “perfected” the hot yoga outfit that worked best for me. I was given the opportunity to not have to wear my head scarf during a private class taught by Brittany, and I’ve got to say, I missed my head scarf! I could feel every drop of sweat falling from my head to toes- and yes, that is great and humbling- but I also found it to be distracting. I took for granted the jobs (yes, jobs lol) that my head scarf was doing for me at that exact moment- it was keeping with my faith and absorbing the sweat that would otherwise distract me during class. Needless to say, hot yoga is definitely a learning curve! But with that, I honestly learned SO MUCH about myself and others.

Everyone has struggles and all struggles are real. Being in a class filled with people with such different backgrounds, stories, days that they just had/will have ahead of them, all make the experience at Sumit’s such a wonderful one. As I said before, the feeling of humility that you get before, during and after every class is absolutely remarkable. And for that, I’m grateful to Sumit’s.

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