We would love to take a moment to send out some recognition and love to one of our favorite yogis and our August student of the month, Lona Wood. Lona brings the most amazing energy to our studio. We have watched her build the most amazing relationship with herself and we couldn't be more proud to be part of her life. Thank you, Lona, for sharing yourself with us. Your spirit shines brighter than a zillion stars!!

Here is Lona's story:

I found Sumits a little over a year ago. I had read about hot yoga and was intrigued but admittedly intimidated by the concept because I'm not a very athletic person. I wasn't sure what to expect of my first class so I thought I would hide in the back corner of the room to boost my confidence. Little did I know, the long wall of mirrors I put my mat against was actually the FRONT of the room! As I'm sure it is for many, my first class was nothing short of awkward. I didn't know the poses, I didn't know how to breathe and my balance left much to be desired. But, I survived it! I went back for another class, and another, and another; I was hooked. With every practice, I got better; I felt better. I sought out hot yoga for the physical aspects, but what I've gained is so much greater. Love for myself, inside and out. Greater acceptance of myself and others. Beautiful people who have welcomed and encouraged me. I indeed found a great workout at Sumits, but most importantly, I've found myself. Namaste

Student Spotlight - Lona
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