Speaking of incredible... We would love to acknowledge one of the many blessings we have at our studio, our Student of the Month, Kim Harl. Kim graces us with her beautiful spirit every week and we love to have her in our classes. She's powerful, motivated, focused, and she radiates such positive energy. Kim, we are so thankful for you and can't wait to watch you grow in your practice! 

Here is Kim's story: 

Christmas 2012, my sweet husband bought me a Sumit Hot Yoga membership for a Christmas gift and I was bitten by the Hot Yoga BUG! For almost three years, hot yoga has allowed me to Tune-in, Chill-out (105 degree room), and Shape-up -all at the same time! In short, hot yoga makes me feel fantastic! Not only do I adore my Sumit’s family (owners, instructors, and fellow yogis), I love my improved strength, balance, flexibility, patience, and have a new sense of wellness of my mind, body, and spirit! I have tried many, many avenues of exercise, but nothing has lasted or inspired me to work hard each and every day, plus the benefits and results of hot yoga are mind blowing (weight loss, toned muscles, silky-smooth skin, and a confident, happy soul). I thank my husband for my Christmas gift years ago…it has been a gift that keeps giving back to me each day! I decided to pay him back with a membership of his own. Now we do hot yoga together, which makes my passion for yoga even deeper to share it with someone I truly love.
Thank you for this honor Sumits Hot Yoga!


Student Spotlight - Kim
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