Kim & Doug H.

SOULMATES:  Our journey to being couple of the month, and practicing soul to soul started five years ago.  The sign out front for Sumits Hot Yoga had just been installed, driving by Kim mentioned she would like to give it a try.  Since it was close to Christmas, I was on the lookout for any meaningful gift and purchased an unlimited two-week pass.  Being a mom of three intensely active teenagers, Kim could use a chance to unplug and give to herself.  After her first class, she was hooked.  That was over five years ago and she is still going strong.  The benefits to her mind, body and soul were undeniable.  On her request, I would hesitantly agree to go.  It was yoga after all, and what did I know about that?  When I did attend with her, I enjoyed the physical and meditative component, but the HEAT made me feel a little panicky.  Kim said it would get better over time, as most difficult things do, she was right as usual.  When I did inconsistently attend HotYoga, I could feel the benefits of mindfulness, peace and physical exertion Kim was experiencing.  Being a slower learner, I did not attend Sumits on a regular basis with my wife for another three years.  Finally, I came to my senses, and have be benefitting and growing my yoga practice with Kim consistently for the past two years attending Sumits together three to four times per week.  The experience has only deepened our already fun and fantastic marriage of 30 years.  Paradoxically, even though we practice Hot Yoga as individuals, it makes us a stronger couple in all facets of our relationship.  We enjoy the camaraderie with our fellow yogis, and especially appreciate and have grown from our friendship with our Hot Yoga instructors.   Sumits truly has become a crucial ingredient in our daily lives.  We are fortunate to have found this activity we love and share.  As we continue to enhance our relationship, and grow our yoga practice, we each agree that we are blessed to have each other as our favorite yogi. It was written in the STARS that we were to become SOULMATES!  We truly are one.  Namaste.


Doug and Kim  . 

Kim & Doug
Sumits Hot Yoga