Kimber D. - Instructor

I started yoga as a New Years resolution in January 2011. I wanted to have the "yoga body" and make friends; since I had just moved across the country from home. After my first few classes, I felt very inflexible and weak.  But my mindset after every class had me coming back.  I was doing 5-6 classes a week, I was hooked!

The physical part helped my upper back heal.  I was a baker at night, kneading dough and lifting 150 pound mixing bowl my back was aching.  My back pain was gone within a few months and... it has not been back since!

The breathing techniques and yoga philosophies I have learned changed my life for the better.  I am more Positive, Confident, Compassionate and Giving than I've ever been!  Yoga has taught me to believe in the present moment...  I am, who I am suppose to be and where I am suppose to be.  And for my journey that means sharing the gift of yoga with others.

In March 17, 2013, I completed the Yax Yoga Concepts 200 hour teacher training in vinyasa flow and hot yoga.  I am now a certified 200 ERYT through Yoga Alliance. I love the stability and flexibility yoga has brought into my life, on and off the mat. My hope is to touch at least one person in a positive way through my teaching.

"Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for an act of kindness."


Kimber D. - Instructor
Sumits Hot Yoga