I began practicing yoga in 1999 and now I am addicted! I am so thankful that Sumits Yoga came to Columbia. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. I love the energy I feel in class from my fellow yogi community.

2. I enjoy the ability to relieve stress in my everyday life through breathing.

3. The heat allows me to go deeper into a pose and stay injury free.

4. I don't have to think and can just flow in a moving meditation.

5. It pushes me to the edge mentally and physically.

6. It gives me clarity and helps me to focus on good intentions.

7. I never regret coming to my mat.

8. It is an all natural stress reliever and detox.

9. It is a hardcore, total body workout.

10. There is a nap at the end of class!

Sumits Hot Yoga