Hot yoga has become a valuable constant in my hectic life.  Health and fitness have always been an important focus for me with strength training/weight lifting being my preferred work out.  Over the years I have incorporated various physical activities to my regimen; however, cardio has never been something I like to do.  I run a commercial construction company, am married to a busy woman, and have an extremely active teenager.  Being that time is a limited resource, I try to engage in the things that provide the greatest return.  Yoga has become one of those things.  I originally started coming to Sumits to spend time with my wife.  I did not think it would be challenging or engaging enough for me.  I quickly found that I was wrong.  Yoga has improved my flexibility, balance and patience as well as provided some cardio that I actually enjoy.  A recent and huge bonus to my experience at Sumits is that my daughter has begun to join us when her crazy schedule will allow.  Now I am not only receiving the benefits of my practice, but I am able to share that time and experience with the other person closest to my heart.

Sumits Hot Yoga