I’ve practiced yoga off and on since moving to Columbia in 1998.  Getting bored easily, I would switch between yoga, strength training and multiple other classes and activities.  I initially tried Sumits because Hot Yoga was new to me.  It was amazing although I still kept going back and forth between there and the heated classes offered at my regular gym. Eventually I realized that there was a significant difference between the way I felt following each of those classes.  Sumits has a serene, supportive atmosphere that nourishes the soul; I was instantly at peace whenever I was there.  As I added more of their classes into my week, I noticed a major positive shift in how I treat others and myself, and how I felt emotionally, mentally and physically.  I finally believe that it’s okay to take breaks and simply be wherever I am today, and put this into practice in my life outside the studio, too.  I’ve discovered a feeling of accomplishment that has moved me to attack other challenges like completing an intense volunteer training for an organization I’ve admired for years.  And it’s been incredible to see how my body has responded physically.  I felt an intense rush of emotion when I realized I had just completed my first bind – something I hadn’t done in more than 15 years!  I’m so grateful for Sumits; it truly is my happy place. 

Sumits Hot Yoga