Aric & Brandy

Aric and Brandy have been married for almost 8 years and have three kids…"We share a son Dane, 6 and Aric’s two older kids, Lexi is 14 and Carter is 11."

"Over the course of our marriage, Brandy has convinced me to do many crazy things…but the craziest may have been getting me into Hot Yoga almost 4 years ago.  When Brandy decided to become an instructor she felt I needed to know what it was she had fallen in love with and convinced me to go. Not only did I enjoy the class, but I quickly what she was talking about! As we have gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate any time we can have to ourselves, by ourselves, especially in our busy life. Being able to spend some time focusing on me, even when side by side with my wife, has given us both so much more than just a yoga foundation. Sumits Yoga has made a difference in ALL aspects of our daily lives and I can not imagine a life without it.

Now…it’s one of my favorite and most relaxing workouts.  And for Brandy she not only loves teaching but immersing herself into her yoga practice.  It’s also one of our favorite activities as a couple!"

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