Sarah W. - Instructor

I had been doing yoga off and on for years, mainly dvds at home that I purchased a lifetime ago as an undergrad. It wasn’t until much later during grad school that I really started practicing on a regular basis to maintain focus and help with stress levels. I soon outgrew the classes offered at the student rec and found Sumit’s. 

Yoga has helped me in so many ways, both mentally and physically. The focus and compassion I found in practice translated to other areas of my life; it helped me stay cool, calm, and collected during some very strenuous times. I came to crave the physical and mental aspects of the practice as well as the heat. The holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit is important to me.

I recently completed Sumit’s 200-hour training course and am excited to help others on their yoga journey in hopes that they will gain as many benefits from the practice as I have.

Sarah W.
Sumits Hot Yoga