Katie W. - Instructor

My Sumit's yoga journey began late November 2012 (just a month after they opened). I had exactly two weeks between my Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, so I decided to give the two week unlimited special a shot. Lots of google searches and uncertainty for sure before I made that decision because it was the first hot yoga in town. I was not a "heat" person but I knew I should give it a try because I was tired of the big gyms and hadn't found a workout that was keeping my interest and my body challenged.  Well… I guess you figured out that I ended up  loving Sumit's, the practice, the people. I signed up for unlimited yoga and before I knew it, Sumit and Melissa were asking if I was interested in teaching the sequence.   Teacher training was amazing and right here in Columbia. In July 2013, I taught my first class. Since then I have taken workshops and trainings to further my education in yoga and looking forward to more. I can't even begin to tell you how much Sumit's Hot Yoga has changed my life…as a student, instructor and human being. As a student, I can tell how different I am from the days I can't get to my mat to the ones I do. I am more aware of my body and more flexible than I've ever been.  As an instructor, it is so beautiful to watch people begin their journey and help them transform into better versions of themselves. Instructing has allowed me to deepen my practice and give me the yearning to keep educating myself to better my teaching for my students. It has also given me the opportunity to help people at a broader level. I have started organizing and teaching yoga classes to benefit local charities in town. (Yoga Gives Columbia). As a human, what you learn on your mat definitely helps off of the mat. Letting it all go and focusing on the breath, has made life so much better and lighter. I've met the most amazing people and have created life long friendships.  I am truly grateful for this life experience and all the people who have made it possible and support my journey. You know who you are. Thank you with all my heart. Namaste. 

Katie W.
Sumits Hot Yoga