Jocelyn K. - Instructor

I've always been an active person but never really enjoyed going to the gym and 'working out'. I had tried yoga before, but hadn't fallen in love with it until I tried Sumits Hot Yoga. Before my first class, I was intrigued but I was scared because it sounded a little bit like it could be hotly miserable. I went to my first class and didn't love it immediately. I remember being halfway through the class feeling like I might die when the teacher said, 'now we are going to start the cardio portion of our class...' I almost left right then and never came back. I am so glad that I stayed. I had purchased the two weeks unlimited package, but it took me a week to work up  the courage to make it to my second class (thank goodness I rallied some friends to come with me...that helped), and after that class I was hooked. Hot yoga became my go to workout. It was something I could do with my friends but also by myself. I could get a great sweat in and feel amazing afterwards. I quickly started to see my flexibility and my balance increase, and I started to become familiar with the series and the poses. 

I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point the yoga became so much more than a workout for me. It became a way of life. My husband would comment that, 'you seem so much happier after yoga.' My co-workers even noticed a change in my attitude and a more even-tempered, compassionate and accepting version of me. I noticed it too, and began to seek out yoga as a mental refuge to help me recharge, to slow down, to find silence amongst a loud, hectic day and to just breathe. 

My favorite part of my yoga journey has been sharing the yoga with the people I love. For my husband, it took me about six months of asking PLUS a full demonstration of the series in our living room before I could convince him to come. I also have a close group of friends that I practice with regularly, and have made many new friends through the Sumits family. It has also become even more of a family affair as my husband and I purchased the studio with his sister and her husband and kids a little over a year ago.

There is so much I love about yoga. I love the studio and the practice, but most of all I love the family that we have at Sumits. It's a really special thing that there are so many like-minded people in one place. We all practice our yoga at Sumits...we practice together, yet still separately...each making it our own and getting what we need from our yoga class. We keep our yoga in our hearts throughout our everyday lives, and we share the best version of ourselves with the people we love the most. 

Jocelyn K. - Instructor
Sumits Hot Yoga