Jake W. - Instructor

I've been practicing at Sumits since May 2015. Prior to then I maintained a home asana yoga practice consistently for about 4 years. Exposure to meditation courses and practice many years ago eventually led me to the physical practice of yoga. I was so happy to discover that muscle inflexibility does not need to be a lifelong condition!

Asana yoga has been a beautiful addition to my life, and I have been fortunate enough to unroll my mat and practice far and wide from my Missouri home base, on beaches, in mountain homes, hospital rooms, airport terminals, sunset seaside cliffs, big city hotel rooms, in the middle of music festival madness, and so forth. My practice helped greatly speed my recovery from a fractured pelvis in spring 2014, and 'twas then the benefits of my practice were proven to me beyond doubt.

My wonderful partner Emily finally got me to join her again in the hot room this summer and something connected that made me want to repeat the experience the next day. I had attempted Sumits classes a few times in the previous years, and though I recognized the heat and sequence as highly beneficial, something in my mind/ego kept me from returning. Thankfully I stuck with it and have had the time and ability to grow into this practice.

Well, in a relatively short time I have been greatly impressed with the results I've witnessed. I crave the hot room for: deeper flexibility, increased muscular and skeletal strength, concentration, patience, sweat, poise, and compassion. Watching my mind and body as I attempt more difficult poses has been a trip! And what compassion I develop for myself I am able to manifest in the world outside my little mat (when I'm doing it right).

If you are called in any way to the hot room, I hope you keep pursuing it! Attend as many classes as you can. Stay hydrated.

Jake W. - Instructor
Sumits Hot Yoga