Christa H. - Instructor

I began my yoga journey at age 16 and have been devoted to the practice ever since. Coming from a sports background, I craved yoga and yoga philosophy to relieve pains in my body and mind. Combined with the added struggle of having asthma, I needed a safe outlet that would improve my overall health and wellness. Through pranayama, meditation, and asana work I found my passion in helping better myself so I can help others along their path. 

My first certification I pursued to teach yoga was in California for a 200Hr Yoga Alliance certification with Sumits and soon after began teaching the practice in Columbia, MO. Furthering my understanding of yoga and yoga philosophy I decided to travel to Thailand the following year and study towards another 200 Hr Yoga Alliance certification in Ashtanga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Ashtanga and Sumits are very heated, yang like practices. Complimenting these two, I dove deeper the slow paced, grounding, cooling practice of yin by traveling to Vancouver, Canada for a 50 Hr Yoga Alliance certification in Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark. I now am blessed with the opportunity to do what I love; traveling to teach what I practice. 

I have spent time around the states as well as teacher trainings in Thailand instructing various styles of yoga and yogic practices. My educational background includes a B.A. in Psychology and Biology. With a passion for understanding anatomy, human behavior, and the energy body, I love helping others find peace and happiness in their every day life through teaching yoga. 

Christa H.
Sumits Hot Yoga