Brandy B. - Instructor & Studio Manager

I've always had a passion for fitness and yoga came in and out of my life but I never really understood the deeper connection. About 4 years ago I was struggling thru training for my 2nd half-marathon when Sumits Hot Yoga opened in Columbia. There was a lot of talk about Hot Yoga and the benefits, especially among runners, so I decided to give it a try. Like most of us that come thru the door I was apprehensive, nervous and not entirely sold, but I too fell in love immediately! The release, the workout, the mind/breath connection and the fellow yogis...I was hooked! Soon after my journey with Sumits begin they posted about teacher training and it all just fell into place for me. I love this studio, this sequence, these people, and am grateful that I get to call this my job. It fills my heart to be on this journey with so many like minded people.

Brandy B. - Instructor
Sumits Hot Yoga